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Recommendations for Final Exam study

Posted 2017-05-31 05:58:45

Study for the US History 7 and the Global History 9 exams should be done here at the web site. Students should access the special course inside called "Exam Review All Courses". First practice vocabulary, then practice sample questions on each topic we have studied. I will provide 2 classes of whole-group review.

Study for the Global 10 Regents is being done in class over 10 class periods, yielding around 7 hours of review, so no after school review sessions will be needed. Students need to get the review book offered by the school and study some on their own. This web site has vocabulary and sample questions just as for 7th and 9th. Students should note that they are responsible for all the information in the 9th grade course as well.

Study for US History 8 is different. For reasons particular to this class, students will be studying a specific set of facts to be tested on the final exam. These facts are divided up into a daily quiz from 1 to 9 June. Students should make flashcards and turn these into questions. There are 7-10 a night to review. is a web site supporting the curriculum and instruction in the social studies classes of David Jones at Schroon Lake Central School in Schroon Lake, New York, USA. David Jones © 2004-2017. All rights reserved except as noted on creative commons licensed work.

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