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Updated Description of the Basic Proficiency Plan

Posted 2017-03-30 09:00:17

An excerpt from a description of the current Basic Proficiency plan...

“Basic Proficiency” is a curriculum that delivers “just enough to pass”. It is designed for students who find the subject difficult for any number or reasons. It is based on extensive research showing that when students focus on learning less they actually learn more. There are a number of things to bear in mind regarding this plan.
A good metaphor for the brain’s capacity to retain information is the grocery shopping bag. Not all grocery bags are alike in how much they can hold. If a bag is overfilled and the bottom breaks, everything falls out and nothing remains behind in the bag. This is a lot like how the brain works for learning and memory. Overload will cause a person to lose just about everything. This is not how some people think of classroom learning. Some people think that we can deliver all the material we want to students and they will recall what they capacity will allow. My experience and the research of scholars in education and neuroscience convince me this is not the case. 

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