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Announcing New Grading Policy for High School Reading Tasks

Posted 2017-03-25 09:00:57

The paper: Comparing Workload of Social Studies Class Textbooks

Starting 1st April 2017, there will be two changes made to grading policy for topic reading tasks in high school courses.

  1. Students choosing the Basic Proficiency curriculum must use the lower level textbook offering. Students choosing the regular curriculum must use the grade level standard textbook.
  2. The maximum score available for the lower level reading task will be 76.

The reasons for the change are outlined in the paper linked above, but a short version of the explanation runs thus: The fifth grade level text is 53% shorter than the ninth grade level text. Average sentence length is 61% shorter in the fifth grade textbook. The number of pages to read is 55% fewer. In sum, the workload (disregarding the reader’s ability and cognitive load) is about half. Anyone would agree that I cannot in good conscience offer full credit for something that has half the value.

The hill to climb should be about as steep for all hikers even if there are many different trails.

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