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New Task: The "350 Research"

Posted 2016-11-30 06:08:42

The "350 Research" task [rubric] is designed to meet the objectives of New York State Frameworks for Social Studies, Social    Studies Practices Grades 9‐12, A. Gathering, Using, and Interpreting Evidence (page 2) and the Common Core State Standards for Social Studies / History objectives 6-10 (page 64). It is a high school level task intended to be done relatively independently. 

The task consists of an expository or persuasive essay based on three good sources. The name of the task comes from the word count limit of 350 words. This task is an upgrade to what was termed the mini-research task. The reason for the word count limit is that the task is a low-order formative one that counts only as a quiz grade. It is designed to be developmental. Some students were writing full research papers in response to the task, which was not worth the credit offered. There will be a points penalty for tasks going over 350 words.

The 350 Research replaces one of the installment quizzes.

The task should take about an hour to complete. I will, in most cases, provide an online tutorial that students may choose to watch in which I teach the answer. Students then only need consult two additional sources to support or add to that information. The task will be assigned several days in advance.

The 350 research needs to be completed on a word processor and electronically submitted for assessment. Sources are to be cited in APA format and the essay should contain one well-fitting in-text quotation from a good source. is a web site supporting the curriculum and instruction in the social studies classes of David Jones at Schroon Lake Central School in Schroon Lake, New York, USA. David Jones © 2004-2017. All rights reserved except as noted on creative commons licensed work.

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