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Local History and Genealogy

Course Overview

Local History and Genealogy is a high school course addressing the history of Schroon Lake, New York and the surrounding region. The course also includes a significant genealogy component. In 2015-16, the class runs September through January.

Except for a series of introductory lessons addressing Adirondack history in a general way in the first month of the course, the scope of this course will be narrowly focused on the history of Schroon Lake, North Hudson, Blue Ridge, Paradox, Severance, and Olmsteadville. For lack of a better generic term, this area will be referred to as just “Schroon” in course materials.

This is a half-year course for a half credit in social studies. An important defining characteristic of this course is that it is more about teaching students to research and interpret history from artifacts and documents and it is not so much about delivering content to students for memorization. Wherever possible, the class will connect extensively with local historians, museums, and community resources.

This course is intended to be an ongoing annual effort toward gradually building a well-researched and well-designed online local history resource fit for serious historians and professional genealogists to peruse.

Students publish their original research in local history and genealogy at SchroonHistory.net

Course Topics:

  1. Adirondack History Highlights to 1865
  2. Schroon to 1865 [about 23 classes for topics 1 and 2]
  3. Adirondack History Highlights since 1865
  4. Schroon since 1865 [about 27 classes for topics 3 and 4]
  5. Genealogy [about 25 classes]
  6. Local History Final Project of Choice [about 11 classes]


For three of the four projects, students have the choice of writing a paper or producing a 10-minute video documentary. There are different gudelines for the genealogy project, which has to be a written work.

For those choosing to write research papers, this is how you do it:

For the four tests, students have the choice of multiple-choice, short answer, or interview test format.

Teacher-Authored Schroon History Series

Schroon History to the Civil War

Civil War to the Twenties in the Town of Schroon

Middle School Research Project

Middle School Introduction to Research Resources