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Students earn badges to show achievement or to earn special permissions. (All subscribers can use the badges function.) Here are the available badges in Mr. Jones' classes.

Look up a student's badge by entering the badge page number:

100 on Interim Exam: Student scored 100 on the interim examination

85 and up:

APA Citation Training: Student completed training in APA citation satisfactorily.

Elementary Google Docs: Students who earn this badge have mastered the elementary Google Docs skill sets.

Elementary Google Sheets: Students who earned this badge have achieved mastery level of the Google Sheets skills sets.

Elementary Google Slides: Students earn this badge who have achieved mastery of the elementary Google Slides skills sets.

Gimp Level 1: Bearers of this badge are masters of the basic procedures for image manipulation using the Gimp software.

Gimp Level 2: Bearer has mastered intermediate skill sets for image manipulation and graphics creation using Gimp.

Gold Star: Gold stars are earned for doing or saying something particularly intelligent, clever, and promoting the learning environment.

Google Drive Introduction: 1. Access Google Drive. 2. Upload a file. 3. Create a folder. 4. Move file into folder. 5. Share a file. 6. Delete file. 7. Set share permissions.

Homework Permit: This permit allows students to complete homework outside class. Students may lose this permit if they do not regularly complete assignments. Students without this permit need to come in during study hall or lunch to complete tasks labelled as \"homework\".

Independent Primary Source Analysis: Students who earned this badge may do the primary source analysis outside class when it is not an examination. Since credit for this task cannot be awarded to students who get help from someone else and since successful independent learners do not procrastinate, this badge goes out to students who are already skilled at it and who are good planners.

Permit for Reading Task Outside Class: Students with this permit may complete the topic reading task outside class in addition to the lass periods dedicated to reading.

Permit to Listen to Music while Studying: Students who meet certain criteria may earn a permit for listening to their own music during study times in class.

Presentation Cross-Platform Mastery: Students who earn this badge show mastery of the skill sets for Microsoft Point, Prezi, and Google Slides

Responsibility: Students awarded this badge have followed through on a responsibility assignment.

Robotics Achievement badge: Badge awarded for achievement in programming and constructing robots!

Scored Above 84 on Interim Exam: Interim examinations cover all material since the start of the school year and are administered every ten weeks. Students earn this badge who score above 84 on one of those tests.

Scored Above 84 on Topic Multiple-Choice Test: Badge awarded to students who score over 84 on the multiple-choice test at the end of a topic of study.

Scratch Beginner Programmer Achievement: Achievement badge for beginner level Scratch programming.

Scroed 100!:

Spreadsheet Cross-Platform Mastery: Students who earn this badge have shown mastery (85 or above) in the use of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and Google Sheets.

Tech Support Master:

Ten Posts to Discussion Area:

Word Processing Cross-Platform Mastery: this badge is awarded to students to show mastery proficiency (85 or above) at the word processing skill sets in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and LibreOffice Writer. is a web site supporting the curriculum and instruction in the social studies classes of David Jones at Schroon Lake Central School in Schroon Lake, New York, USA. David Jones © 2004-2017. All rights reserved except as noted on creative commons licensed work.

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