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Final Exam Dates (2017-05-17)

The final exam for grades 7-9 social studies will be 12 June. The Global Regents will serve as the final exam in grade 10.The final examination counts for 11.1% of the GPA in the course.

Updated Description of the Basic Proficiency Plan (2017-03-30)

An excerpt from a description of the current Basic Proficiency plan... “Basic Proficiency” is a curriculum that delivers “just enough to pass”. It is designed for students who find the... Read More

How to Review for Interims (2017-03-30)

Students should log in and review the practice sample questions and vocabulary activities inside this website.They will find extensive review activities in the course called "Exam Review All Classes"... Read More

Announcing New Grading Policy for High School Reading Tasks (2017-03-25)

The paper: Comparing Workload of Social Studies Class TextbooksStarting 1st April 2017, there will be two changes made to grading policy for topic reading tasks in high school courses.Students... Read More

Interim 3 Exam dates (2017-03-21)

Interim Examination No. 3 dates ... grade 7 ... 3 April... grade 8 ... 5 April... grade 9 ... 3 April... grade 10 ... 6 April

Qualifying for the Basic Proficiency Plan (2017-03-19)

For ten years, I have laid a focus on "differentiated instruction" in my classes. The reason to do this was the need to teach the class at the same level of difficulty as the standardized test in my... Read More

Web Site Upgrade (2017-03-15)

Yes, you're in the right place...In an effort to keep up with the changing web, I'm working to update this site so that it is "responsive" to different screen sizes on different devices. Since... Read More

Introduction to the Enduring Issue Essay (2017-01-19)

New Task: The "350 Research" (2016-11-30)

The "350 Research" task [rubric] is designed to meet the objectives of New York State Frameworks for Social Studies, Social    Studies Practices Grades 9‐12, A. Gathering, Using, and... Read More

Reliability factors and Primary Sources (2016-11-08)

Training Film: Factors Affecting Reliability of Historical Sources from David Jones on Vimeo.

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